Catherine Elizabeth is a singer/songwriter born in Wichita, Kansas, and raised in Dallas, Texas. After graduating high school, she moved to Boston, MA in 2008 to study vocal performance at Berklee College of Music. In Spring of 2010, Catherine Elizabeth transferred to the University of Alabama where she graduated with a degree in Music Therapy. "I'm so blessed to work in music therapy. I've developed such a love for the profession but it's never really been my passion. When I was six years old, my family took a trip to London. I remember walking across the street with my parents after leaving one of the many musicals we saw and telling my dad, 'Dad, one day, you're going to see me on stage'. I've never looked back since that day. Performing is what I was made to do. That's what I'm passionate about."

Catherine Elizabeth is currently writing and recording her first EP and is patiently awaiting the day she can introduce her music to the world and expose her unique musical fingerprint. "This is something I've been working towards for years" she says of the upcoming release. "I've been writing songs since I was in middle school. It's just taken me a while to define...and redefine... who I want to be as an artist and start writing with a cohesive sound, I think." A creative blend of electro pop and soul, her warm, jazz inspired vocals take the listener on a journey through the thickest of her life experiences. The themes of her songs: love, regret, joy and loss, are delivered, uncensored, in both subtle and moving ways. "I definitely tell it like it is in my songs. I don't sugar coat or dance around anything in my day to day life and don't see why I would do that in my music. I write from personal experiences most of the time, but sometimes, I draw inspiration from experiences of people I know or sometimes just from things I can imagine. My music is raw and It's... very me."